Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jaguar vehicles obd1 code retrieval

For Jaguar vehicles with obd1 codes (made before 1995 or 1993), testing the check engine lights in your dash to get the code is simple. All you do is locate the Vehicle Condition Monitor (VCM) button in the dash panel sitting below the tachometer and speedometer. The procedure begins by turning the key off and waiting for 5 seconds then turning the ignition key to position 2 without starting the engine. When you press the VCM button, codes will start to display in your dash panel.

Clearing the codes can be done by turning the key off and removing the battery negative terminal for 30 seconds and reconnect.

Here are some popular obd1 Jaguar codes:

Code 12 Mass sensor fault
Code 13 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor fault
Code 14 Engine coolant temperature sensor fault
Code 16 Air temperature sensor fault
Code 17 Throttle positioner sensor fault
Code 18 and Code 19 Throttle potentiometer/Mass sensor airflow sensor fault
Code 22 and Code 44 Heated oxygen sensor/ Fuel pump relay fault
Code 23 Fuel control system fault
Code 24 Ignition amplifier circuit fault
Code 26 Air leak or vacuum leak causing lean condition
Code 29 Electronic control module fault
Code 33 and Code 34 Fuel injection circuit fault
Code 37 EGR solenoid valve fault
Code 39 EGR system fault
Code 46 and Code 48 Idle air control valve circuit fault
Code 68 Vehicle speed sensor fault
Code 69 Park/Neutral position switch circuit fault
Code 89 Evaporative canister purge control valve circuit fault


Ignition key position 2 can be verified using your Jaguar service manual. For all other questions, please contact ATS (if you are a member) or the Jaguar dealership.


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