Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mazda vehicles 1987-94 obd 1 codes retrieval

Most Mazda vehicles with check engine light illuminated can be retrieved by using the diagnostic connector located in the fender near the battery. All you need is ground the green connector or pin 1 terminal or TEN terminal (sometimes they call it FEN terminal) at the diagnostic connector. You can then turn the key on but do not start and watch the codes being flashed in your dash panel.

When counting the flashes, use this as a guide:

Code 23 is 2 long flashes followed by 3 short flashes. If there is a code that follows, there will be a pause in between.

Here are some popular Mazda codes for models 1988-94:

Code 01 Ignition pulse
Code 02 Ne signal or Ne 2 signal from distributor
Code 03 G1 or G signal from distributor
Code 04 G2 signal from distributor
Code 05 Knock sensor left side
Code 06 Speed signal
Code 07 Knock sensor right side
Code 08 Air flow meter
Code 09 Engine coolant temperature
Code 10 Intake air temperature
Code 11 Intake air thermo sensor
Code 13 Intake manifold pressure sensor
Code 14 Atmospheric pressure sensor
Code 15 Oxygen sensor
Code 16 EGR sensor
Code 17 Close loop system left side
Code 23 Heated oxygen sensor right side
Code 24 Close loop system right side
Code 25 Solenoid valve pressure regulator
Code 26 Solenoid valve purge control
Code 27 Solenoid valve purge control No.1 and 2
Code 28 Solenoid valve EGR vacuum
Code 29 Solenoid valve EGR vent
Code 30 Relay for cold start injector
Code 34 ISC valve or idle control valve
Code 36 or Code 40 Oxygen sensor heater relay or right side oxygen sensor heater
Code 37 Oxygen sensor heater or coolant fan relay
Code 41 and Code 46 Solenoid valve VRIS
Code 42 Solenoid valve Waste gate for turbo-charged engines
Code 65 A/C signal
Code 67 and Code 68 Coolant fan relay
Code 69 Engine coolant temperature sensor


Diagnostic connector location can vary for different models.


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