Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tip# 10 Testing check engine lights with Ford fuel circuit

When you get either code 95 or code 96 on Ford vehicles made before 1995, these codes usually imply secondary fuel circuit failures. However, testing these codes are usually easy if you know how to use this trick described below.

First find out the location of your ford diagnostic connector. This is commonly located inside the engine compartment mostly near the battery sitting close to the fender. Using the connector, you can actually test your fuel pump if it is working or not. As you will probably know right now, the fuel pump circuit consists of eec power relay that supplies power to the whole circuit; followed by fuel relay activated by your computer; inertial switch and finally the fuel pump located inside the fuel tank.

If you suspect the fuel pump circuit is defective as shown by these codes, you can check the fuel pump by putting a jumper wire connected to the vehicle’s ground or negative battery post and connect it to the fuel pump test lead pin connector. Using this jumper wire, the fuel pump is activated right away which you can verify by the humming sound which you can hear by fuel tank filler tube. Once confirmed, it is just a matter of checking the rest of the components and test if they are good or not.

Shown here is a picture of the diagnostic connector and the location of the fuel pump test lead pin.

During the test, you need to turn the ignition key on to complete this test.


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