Monday, April 03, 2006

Tip # 2 GM obd1 code 42

For some of you, who owns a GM vehicle and getting the check engine light in your dash, please read carefully below. (For GM vehicles made before 1995 that has a distributor type ignition and has code 42-EST circuit failure and has the following symptoms:

Stalling at stop signs
No start but if you wait up to 2 hours, it will start again


1.) Please confirm the code first by resetting the code and see if the code will show up again a second time. If it does, it means this code is really a hard code that must be fixed.
During no start, confirm the presence of ignition problem by checking the presence of spark using an especial tool (cost under $5) recommended by
2.)Make sure there is 12 volts supply going to your distributor when you turn the key on.


Remove the distributor assembly and replace the following:

Pick up coil
Ignition module

Once the above parts are replaced, reset the code and go for a quick road test to confirm.
If your engine does not have a distributor, replace the crank sensor instead of the pick up coil. But check also for input voltage to the crank sensor circuit.


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