Saturday, May 27, 2006

Check engine light codes P1345 and P0300 on 1997 Chevy Suburban


Check engine light showing with codes after scanning it. Engine seems to run OK but the light stays on all the time. It happened after the distributor was replaced.

The meaning for the following obd2 codes is:

P1345 crankshaft/camshaft position sensor correlation
P0300 ramdom misfire

The first code shows the relative position between the cam and crank sensor signals while the engine is running. The 2nd code could be the result of the first code. Fixing the first code can fix the 2nd code provided the latter code is not caused by other causes like mechanical or fuel system failure. Always reset the ecm code after fixing the first code to verify if the 2nd code is still present.

Fixing Strategy:

Fixing code P1345 requires checking the integrity of the distributor which houses the camshaft sensor. To check the distributor, check the cap and rotor visually and the measure the rotor movement to find any wear on the timing chain. Check also the power and ground supplies to the distributor when the ignition key is on. If OK, replace the crank sensor located at the front crank pulley. If all of these above are checked OK then using a scan tool, monitor the camshaft retard degrees setting. It should read 0+ or -2 degrees. Unfortunately, only a scanner can do this for you.


If you don’t have the special scanner to set up the camshaft/crankshaft sensor running degrees, just rotate the distributor so that the engine runs with its own power and take it to a garage so they can set it up for you.


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