Thursday, May 18, 2006

Check engine lights for OBD2 codes

For domestic vehicles on 1995 and later models, a new on board diagnostic (obd) system for retrieving your check engine light is now widely used. This also applies on imports after 1993 models. The beauty of this system is the uniformity in getting the code. Now every vehicle whether it is a domestics or imports like GM, Ford or Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, BMW, etc…there is only one way of getting the code called OBD2.

Here are some important features:

1.) Diagnostic connector is located in a single location at the left side of the steering by the dash panel.
2.) The code numbering is the same for all types of car and trucks which promotes uniformity.

So what is the main the advantage of OBD2?

First, a garage or vehicle owner can avoid buying different scanner to get codes for different cars or trucks. This result in fewer tools required to get the code which will help in simplification of the process and at the same time speed up the fixing of the vehicles.

The good news for all vehicles drivers is… if you have a vehicle made after 1995-96; you can go to any local automotive parts store and they usually will offer a FREE scanning of the codes for you. They do this usually to help promote their parts.

Shown here is a Snap-On scanner that most independent automotive garages are using. This is expensive (cost at least in the 4 figure) but if you are doing a lot of vehicles, it will pay for itself. However, if you are driving only your own 1-2 vehicles, you can buy a cheap OBD2 decoder for under $50. The link to the decoder supplier is given if you are an ATS member. Fixing your check engine light is getting better every time.


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