Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tip #12 Crank sensor code 2 for 1994 Mazda V6 engines

If you encounter a crank sensor code like # 2 for your V6 Mazda engine, please take note of this because it might happen to you.


Check engine light coming on at low speed but goes away under acceleration and if you access the code yourself, you get a code 02. This code is usually hard to diagnose because the only thing you can do if you are working at home are:

1.) Check the wiring connections leading to the sensor and making sure the connections are tight and test for signs of cuts, shorts or poor connections.
2.) Measure the resistance of the crank sensor (about 900-1200 ohms) using an ohmmeter after disconnecting the crank sensor wiring terminal.

If above tests are OK, most mechanics when confronted with this will replace the crank sensor and if the check engine light is still present, replace the computer?


The computer replacement might be the obvious next choice but before doing that you may want to check your distributor first especially these parts:

Distributor cap, if aftermarket replace with OEM part
Distributor rotor, if aftermarket replace with OEM part

It is found that aftermarket parts used for Mazda are far inferior when compared to the quality of materials being used. Most garages will not use them and only used dealer (OEM) parts only. Save yourself the head ache by making sure you use OEM parts only. After replacing these parts, reset the code and go for a road test. Most of the time, the above code will go away but if it comes back, that is the time to check the computer circuit.


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