Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tip #16: Check engine light with EGR sensor code for early 90s Ford vehicle.

A check engine light code 327 on a 92-94 Ford with 4.6 L engine indicates low voltage signal for the EGR circuit. When tested, the DPFE sensor which controls the vacuum supply to the EGR valve was found defective and replaced. The EGR valve was also replaced after resetting the code which showed another EGR code 332 showing up.


When you have an EGR circuit failure, the engine acts like having a vacuum leak. This makes your fuel mixture go lean resulting in stalling, hesitation and either rough idle or surging.

Common Repair:

When servicing your EGR system, make sure all the vacuum passages between the EGR valve, DPFE sensor and intake manifold are clear. Most of the time, the tubes are removed and cleaned to make sure vacuum flow is not restricted. Doing this will save you a lot of time and grief.

Shown here is an example of an EGR valve with vacuum hose connected on top.
Using a vacuum diagram, the EGR vacuum passages could be serviced and cleared.


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