Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tip#18: Check engine light code 16 on 92-94 BMW318is

This check engine light codes faults the cam sensor and most garages will replace it automatically but don’t do it if you want to save money.


Frequent no starts which can occur anytime
Code 16

Basic Concept:

The computer of this engine is called DME. For the code 16 to appear, it means the DME did not received any signal from either crank or cam sensor. When that happens, the fuel relay will not get a ground signal from the DME. Also, the computer will store a code 16 when that happens causing your check engine light to come on.


When no start occurs, check your spark for integrity like: Is it consistent? What color? As soon as it shows that the spark is gone or weak, test the crank sensor wirings for cuts, insulation or shorts. You can also measure the ac voltage of the sensor while cranking and compare it to specs. Some parts store will also allow you to compare the resistance reading with a new one if you remove the crank sensor. Also test the integrity of your injector signal if it is working using a noid light tester. With no spark and presence of injector signal, replace the crank sensor first and see if the code returns. If it does, that is the time to replace the cam sensor especially if the injectors are not working. Remember: Don’t change any part until you test the part or circuit.

Always reset your computer after fixing your check engine light codes. For detailed method of testing, get hold of a BMW service manual or contact


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