Friday, May 12, 2006

TIP#20: Check engine light with code 32 on 94 Dodge Truck

Code 32 refers to failure in EGR solenoid that controls the vacuum supply to the EGR valve. When this happens, a check engine light shows up in your dash panel.


Code 32-egr solenoid circuit failure

Engine surging cause by too much air coming in and the computer trying to push more fuel in the injectors to compensate

Engine misfire especially under load since the mixture is lean

Rough idle and dies as soon as you put the trany in drive

Basic Concept:

When your egr solenoid fails, the vacuum supply to the egr valve could be stuck open allowing uncontrolled intake air to get in to your combustion chamber. As the computer try to balance the mixture, more fuel is sprayed in the throttle body where air and fuel are mixed. A quick way to test this is to unhook the vacuum hose going to the egr valve and see if the symptom will stop. If it does, service the egr valve. If code 32 shows up, check the solenoid for winding resistance and compare with a new one. You can also try to supply your own power (12 volts) and ground to make it work.

Shown here is an electronic egr that eliminates the need for egr valve. It has about 3 solenoids inside and it controls 3 vacuum openings.


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