Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tip#24: Check engine light code 13 for early Toyota Pick ups

This code 13 is an ignition circuit failure caused by a loss of “NE” signal from distributor to the ecm (computer) after 2 seconds the starter signal called “sta” is received by the ecm. Testing procedures is described below.


Code 13
No start when engine cranked
Failed smog test including rough idle
Misfiring, cutting out and stalling

Basic Concepts:

Without a specialized tool like the ones used by a garage, this will be a little tough for a vehicle owner but using a voltmeter, measure the 12 volt supply from the ignition switch to the distributor. With engine key on, this 12 volt supply can be confirmed easily. If the engine does not start, use a test light and test the negative wire going from the distributor to the ignition coil. This wire should blink while cranking the engine. With these 2 tests, here are the possible culprits:

Bad igniter or ignition module located inside the distributor
Bad ignition coil
Bad NE wiring from the ecm and distributor
Bad ecm

The ignition coil can be removed and tested for comparison voltage with a new coil
The igniter can also be removed and tested except it is very expensive
The NE wire can be substituted with a jumper wire from distributor to the ecm usually located in behind the front kick panel
ECM seldom fails on Toyotas and this is the last option


NE wire is very common problem on this which is caused by poor insulation and routing.


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