Thursday, June 29, 2006

1998 Dodge Caravan 3.3L with gas, tach, odometer and temp gauges not working.

Car wiring question:

This minivan was working well all the time when suddenly all my gauges quit on me. I tried disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes to reset the body control module but that did not work. I also tried wiggling the grounds I could find it in the engine compartment and the left kick panel and they are secure which does not show corrosion. All fuses are OK and I am out of wits here. Do you have any suggestions?

Vehicle wiring advice:

You are in the right track in checking the BCM but make sure the plug in terminals to the body control module (BCM) is tight and clean. You might have to remove them and physically check the pins for looseness. It has been reported by other members that this would cause the problem. Try also to unplug the ABS, Airbag, HVAC, PCM, TCM modules etc and if while unplugging these the gauges come back, you just found your problem.

I have also described in my previous solutions in testing the bcm BUS wires. You should check the voltages in the bus connectors link located at the left side of the dash panel. You can activate the bus voltages by opening doors and trunks. You should get a reading of around 2.5 volts on each wire. A garage shop can also verify for you if there is a square wave across those 2 bus wires. The BCM is over $300 and scanning for square wave would be a good investment.

Finally, check the dash panel circuit board for wiring terminal connections. It could be loose or the grounds are not secure.


It is preferable if you have a wiring diagram so you can see the various ground and supply connections including all the modules connected to the BCM. Should you have any difficulty, ats can described to you all the wires involved.

Whenever working under the dash panel, do not touch the yellow-taped wiring harness to avoid accidental deployment of the air bag which will activate even with the battery disconnected. Remember: you do this service at your own risk.

Disconnect battery negative terminal everytime you work any electrical component.


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