Friday, June 23, 2006

Wiring Diagram Symbols

Wiring diagrams usually comes with symbols, which depict all the components used in the wiring diagram of your vehicle. Being a do it yourself auto repair person or just a regular person, can you recognized the basic electrical wiring diagram symbols?

Shown below are the most common typical electrical symbols used in automotive wiring diagrams. As your basic wiring diagrams symbols, feel free to familiarize yourself with these symbols until you get used to it when you see it in a wiring diagram. Using the electrical wiring color codings plus these wiring symbols should help you locate the component you are looking for.

To see some basic wiring symbols, please click HERE

(then click view in your toolbar and click full screen to zoom in)


After you bought yourself a wiring diagram and you have difficulty in using it, contact ATS if you are a subscriber and our technician will help you trace the wires.

The above wiring diagram symbols lists are just a partial list. Most modern vehicle made nowadays will have more of these electrical wiring diagram symbols. You can get a complete list by availing yourself of a complete wiring diagram book for your specific vehicle as recommended by the links below.


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