Saturday, July 08, 2006

1997 Nissan Pathfinder 3.3L engine with remote key chains stopped working

Car wiring question:

My son’s 1997 Nissan Pathfinder remote key won’t lock or unlock the doors. We thought the battery of the remote was dead so we installed a new battery but it’s still the same. I am not sure if this remote control has to be reprogrammed or not. If it is, do you have a procedure handy to do this? Thanks for your help.

Vehicle wiring advice:

Like anything else, your key chain remote control can be worn out and you can re-program it. A computer controls your remote system called “smart entrance control unit” located behind the dash on the right of the steering unit. To check the system like any automotive computer, check for presence of power thru pin #1, which is a white red wire. There should be 12 volts there with key on. If not check the circuit breaker located at the left kick panel. The ground terminal is located at pin# 5 and has a black wire. Again don’t exceed o.250 volt there or there is a short in one of your power lock switches or wires.

Once you have confirmed this, you can re-program the remote this way:

Enter the driver seat and close and lock all doors. Insert and remove your ignition key for about 7 times in 10 seconds. If successful, hazards lights will flash. Turn ignition switch to ACC position and push any button of the remote. Hazards lights will flash if the programming is successful

If you program your old remote this way and still it will not work, replace it with a new one. Any additional remote, you can program it by unlocking and locking the doors with the door internal switch and press any button on the remote.


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