Sunday, July 16, 2006

1998 3.0L engine Ford Taurus no crank starting problem

Car wiring question:

I am an ATS member and I wonder if you can help me. My 1998 Ford Taurus will not crank. Using a test light, I cannot get any power going to red and white pink wires at the starter solenoid. I can manually crank it if I jump the white pink wire. A mechanic friend of mine installed a new ignition switch but the problem is still there. We also disable the remote starter thinking that is the culprit but again, no cranking. Can you suggest anything?

Vehicle wiring advice:

This problem is very common with the starter solenoids having bad contact causing the starter intermittent problem. This starter solenoid is located in your starter housing. Wait first for the symptom to get worse so you can catch it on the act. To test, make sure you have 12 volts power supply going to your black red wire. That wire comes from the starter relay located in the left side of the engine compartment. If there is no power in the wire, it means the starter relay is the problem. Otherwise, the starter solenoid is the problem.

You can service that solenoid by replacing the contacts. They cost about $20 and is cheaper to repair than replacing the whole assembly. Remember to disconnect the battery negative terminal before removing the starter.


It is preferable to use a wiring diagram when tracing your starting circuit, should you have any difficulty, ats can give you complete descriptions on the wirings.


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