Monday, July 10, 2006

1998 Ford Taurus radio quitting when put in reverse.

Car wiring question:

Three months ago, I bought a used 98 ford Taurus from an auction lot. I plan to use it for my kid going to college. The last 2 days, the kid told me that sometimes, the radio quit when she put it in reverse. After that, the power steering goes haywire too. I confirmed this myself and it seems the engine and other components of the vehicle are fine except these 2 things. Is there something I can do here except to bring this car to a garage?

Vehicle wiring advice:

You do not need to bring this car to a garage because this problem is common! First of all, what is happening right now is your GEM module (another name for body computer) is acting up because one of the sensors it controls is defective. That sensor is called TRS sensor, which stands for transmission range sensor. Another equivalent of this sensor is your old neutral safety switch.

If the TRS sensor is defective, it will send a faulty signal to the GEM module, which will make the GEM module, shut down your radio and sometimes other accessories such as your power steering, power windows, false dash readings, etc. This sensor is located on the top right side of the transaxle. Before replacing this sensor, make sure to check the wiring harness connected to it is not rubbing any metal. Also count the pins on the sensor because you will need that when ordering the part.

Unfortunately, this sensor can be bought from the dealer only and you have to ask them for the updated part. To avoid comebacks, some garages will replace the GEM module too but try the sensor first to save you some money.


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