Friday, July 28, 2006

1999 Jeep Cherokee AC is leaking water in the passenger floor and has no engine codes.

Vehicle engine code question:

I have a problem on my 1998 Jeep AC which has occurred in the past week. The front passenger floor get wets after I used the AC for over an hour. Everything is working fine and I have cold air in the vents. I also scanned the code but there is none. I don't believe it is the heater core and my engine is not overheating. Can you help?

Vehicle engine code answer:

There is a service bulletin for this problem which calls for servicing the drain tube located at the bottom of the AC evaporator case. This evaporator is located under the dash panel in the passenger side. You can pull up the carpet of the passenger side to access the tube and drill a small hole on top of the tube. Use a 1/4 drill bit and blow air to the hole you made to clear the blockage in the tube. Don't drill right thru it and do it at the lowest location of the tube. The hole can be sealed with silicone after clearing the drain tube.

To get the service bulletin for this repair, contact your local Chrysler dealer or ATS.


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