Friday, July 14, 2006

1999 Toyota Camry 3.0L brake lights turn on when turn lights are on

Car wiring question:

Last week, I bought this 1999 Toyota Camry thru a private deal and the price was so good I could not let it go. The previous owner took good care of it and besides this minor problem, the whole car looks immaculate. The problem is when you turn the signal lights on, the brake lights also comes on. I looked at the brake switch above the brake pedal and it tested good. Can you shed some info as to what is causing this?

Vehicle wiring advice:

It seems to me that you have a shorting wire going from your turn signal light circuit to the brake light circuit at the rear of your vehicle. These are the possible ways it can happen:

Using a single-filament bulb 1156 instead of two-filament bulb 1157. Collapsed bulb sockets on two-filaments bulbs Crossed wire connections when repairing the lights at the rear of the vehicle. Shorted wiring harness in the trunk area especially near the hinges. If you have a trailer hitch harness on this, check the wires for bare insulations. Head light switch could be defective.


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