Friday, July 21, 2006

2000 Ford WindStar with P0401 check engine code

Vehicle Question:

I have this nagging P0401 code (insufficient egr flow) on my 2000 Ford WindStar. I have tried resetting the code but it came back after I got the van running a few miles. And when I check the vacuum going to the egr valve, it seems to have a flow there. Help!

Vehicle Question Answer:

Whenever you have this code, the DPFE sensor must be changed because it has a high rate of failure. You can also use a voltmeter and monitor the voltage of the DPFE signal or input wire: it should read about 1 volt with engine running at idle and if you apply vacuum (use a hand held vacuum pump) to the egr valve, the reading should move up to approximately 4.0 volts. If there is no change, replace the DPFE sensor.

For more details on dpfe sensor, contact ATS. Also make sure all vacuum hoses are free flowing and not clogged.


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