Thursday, July 13, 2006

2002 Jeep Cherokee misfire with P0303 code

Vehicle Question:

I just joined ATS because I have a code P0303 on my 2002 Jeep Cherokee. This denotes misfire on cylinder #3. So far, I checked #3 compression and it was the same as the rest. I also ohmmed out the #3 injector and it has the same resistance compared with all injectors. I cleared the code using ALL-IN-ONE scanner but it came back after driving the vehicle for a few miles. What do I do except going to the dealer?

Vehicle Code Question Advice:

This code is very common on this model because of the proximity of the #3 injector. After the engine has warmed up, the heat generated by the engine is mostly directed to #3 injector causing the fuel in the #3 injector vicinity to boil causing the misfire. Chrysler has a shield kit to repair this problem if you see them so you can install it yourself. Once you do this, the check engine light code should not return.


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