Monday, August 07, 2006

1999 Honda CRV with code P0172 and has poor mileage


This vehicle has an intermittent stalling and has poor gas mileage. When scanned for codes, P0172 (fuel system rich) is found stored in memory. Fuel regulator and oxygen sensors checked OK and all injectors were also replaced including a complete tune up. However, after doing all of these, the code still came up?

Basic Concept:

One of the basic test that was not included here is the vacuum reading. This is important because it will save a lot of unnecessary parts if this was done first. On this model, expect a reading of 20 inch or higher. If you get lower than this, check the timing belt.

Repair Strategies:

Get the engine to idle on park and hooked up a vacuum gage to one of the vacuum hoses in the intake manifold. If reading is lower than the one indicated above, replace your timing belt especially if it has over 90,000 miles on it. Reset the code after replacement before taking it for a road test to make sure the code is gone.


For 1999 or newer Honda, use 90,000 miles timing belt replacement interval, for 1998 or older models, use 60,000 miles. For details on how to replace the timing belt, please contact ATS.


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