Saturday, August 05, 2006

Beware: Buying vehicles with Scanner no Airbag Communication


Before paying for a used vehicle, buyers usually take it to a garage for inspection. In this case, the Airbag won't communicate with the scanner when testing for codes. There is no apparent Airbag problem and the ABS light works normally when ignition key is turned on. However, the mechanic inspector has to fail the inspection. Why?

Basic Concept:

When a vehicle is involved in a collision, the airbag is usually deployed and they are sometimes expensive to re-install. To get around this, some garage or private individuals who has some knowledge of electronics, will NOT re-install the airbag and manipulate the Airbag indicator light. When the engine is started, the airbag light usually comes on for a few seconds and come off after the engine runs. If there is a missing airbag, of course the light will be on all the time. This can be manipulated by using capacitors to shut off the light. It then looks normal and if the vehicle is sold really cheap, a buyer will do away with inspection.


mechanics usually spot this kind of problem when there is no communication with the scanner. Sometimes, by just looking at the new paint or bumper repair. As in this case for a 2001 Sonata (shown in the picture), the bumper looks like it was just replaced. If the scanner has no communication, a complete wiring checks should be done to determine if the airbag is present or not. Sometimes, while replacing the bumper, a wire could have been misplaced or loosely connected causing no communication also.


To get details for the airbag wiring diagram, please contact ATS.


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