Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Engine overheating: Coolant boiling but no codes!


Especially true in summer time where hot weather is common. Engines start to boil which can be monitored in the dash panel gage. Will continue even when thermostat is changed. Overheating usually occur after a few minutes of driving inside the city but stop when driven in the highway. No engine check code when scanned. What is causing this?

Basic Concept:

One of the most overlooked components in your cooling system is your radiator. Any build up of rust inside your engine gathers in the radiator. This is especially Engine overheating: Coolant boiling but no codestrue on vehicles which are 5 years old or older. When the rad flow is restricted, overheating can occur in a lot of stop and go driving especially in the city. During highway driving, there is more coolant flow resulting in lower coolant temperature. Recommendation? Flush your cooling system at least once a year before summer.

Repair strategies:

Anybody can buy a "flushing kit" from your local parts store. If can be connected to your coolant hose and house water supply to push out the dirty coolant from the rad. The kit is cheap and comes with instructions so you can do it easily. Make sure to replace the coolant with a 50-50 mix of coolant and water after you are done.


Contact ATS in case the overheating persists.


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