Wednesday, August 02, 2006

GM trucks with vortec engines (96-98) fuel problem but no codes.


Hesitation, cutting out, stalling at stop signs and later no start

Basic Concept:

Vortec engine uses a centralized fuel system which is very sensitive
to fuel pressure settings. Sometimes, even if the pressure is lower than
1 psi (usually rated at 60-66 psi), it will start acting up.

Strategy for fixing:

If you are having the above symptoms, try first getting the code to see if
the electrical system is OK. On this engine, testing the fuel with carb spray
will not work and noid light tester cannot be used. The only check to do after
verifying the code is to check the fuel pressure as shown above. If your reading
is not within specs, replace the fuel pump inside the fuel tank.


Vortec engines are used commonly on all GM trucks with 4.3 L and 5.7L engines but
check with ATS first to confirm.


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