Thursday, August 10, 2006

Has "check engine light" on but vehicle runs OK!


Vehicle runs OK but check engine light comes on after driving a few minutes. Sometimes the light will go out but lately, it will remain on all the time.


Basic Concept:

Whenever there is an internal failure in your electronic system like sensors, solenoids, injectors, computer,etc... the event is stored in your computer and is shown by the check engine light. (See the picture as shown on the left. (In this instance, the ignition key is on but engine is off causing the battery and engine oil light to come on also).

Repair Strategies:

Try resetting your computer first by disconnecting the battery negative terminal or disconnect the "ecm" fuse in the fuse panel for a few seconds. For newer model cars and trucks, check with your dealer if it safe to disconnect the battery or contact ATS. If you have a serious code, it will come on again and all you do is scan the computer to determine the code number.Once you have the codes, contact ATS and we will email you the fix.


Most check engine light with no performance problem comes from loose fuel tank cap. Try tightening that first and reset the code. If code comes back, contact ATS.


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