Friday, September 01, 2006

Code P0401 on 2000 Ford WindStar with 3.8L engine


Check engine light on all the time with code P0401-Insufficient EGR flow. When checking the DPFE sensor, the signal voltage was stuck whether the engine was in idle or revved up. If you apply vacuum to the EGR valve port, it will kill the engine.

Basic Concept:

The DPFE sensor signal voltage reading should change when vacuum is applied to your EGR valve port using a hand held vacuum pump. Also, take a closer look at the sensor connections for blockage or cracks that must be corrected in order for the sensor to work properly.

Repair Strategy:

Call your local Ford dealer and submit your serial (VIN) number. On some of these engine models, they will give a warranty of this DPFE sensor that has a high rate of failure. Otherwise, using a vacuum diagram supplied by ATS, double check all the vacuum connections to the DPFE before replacing it. Then reset the code before road testing the vehicle to verify the code.


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