Friday, September 29, 2006

Cruise control not working on 1999 VW Passat with 1.8 engine: No engine code


My cruise control quit on me 3 days ago and there are no codes. I checked all the vacuum lines and they are all fine. When I checked the power supply from the transmission control module located at the lower side of the dash by the defroster duct, there is none. How do this system works? Can I do this myself?

ATS Advisor:

If you are talking about the green red wire from the trany control module, that is supposed to be your power supply wire to your cruise control switch. However, it will only come on as soon as you put the trany in gear. It will stop when you shut off the engine or step on the brake pedal. Most of the time, this module goes because of cracking in the electrical joints in the terminals inside the module. If you call the dealer right now, they stock it all the time. You should be able to change the module yourself but don't forget to disconnect the battery when working on electric parts.

ATS Tips:

The above cruise system applies only for automatic transmission. For manual trany, power comes from the clutch switch but it does not work on the first gear.

For wiring diagrams to help you find the wire colors to all components, please contact ATS.


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