Monday, September 04, 2006

Horn is on all the time on 2001 Dodge Truck R1500 and there are no codes.


Horn will not stop but will stop if you pull the horn relay fuse or disconnect the clock spring wire in the steering wheel. Any suggestion?

Basic Theory:

As shown in ATS wiring diagram, the horn relay gets its ground starting from the horn switch that you press then thru the clock spring black red wire that activates the horn relay coil so it can send 12 volts to the horn located in the front of the vehicle. Most likely, the ground wire is shorting out making the horn come on in uncontrolled fashion.

Repair Technique:

Check the steering column black red wire that feeds the clock spring and if possible, remove the steering wheel cover to access the clock spring. If your truck has an airbag, make sure to disconnect the negative battery cable. After this, you are supposed to wait at least a minute to prevent the accidental duplication of the air bag.


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