Saturday, September 23, 2006

P0123 TPS code on 1998 Jeep Cherokee with 4.0L engine


My check engine light code p0123 keeps coming back despite replacing these parts: tps sensor (2 times in a week), ecm (engine computer) 2 times using a used ones from salvage yard. after I drove it for a few minutes, the code always came back. Also, if I probed my TPS ground wire, I get a high battery voltage. I am losing out of options for this problem, what do I do?

ATS Adviser:

If you look at the ground wire of your tps (3rd wire and brown yellow in color), that wire is also the ground connections for other components including your ecm. You can disconnect the ecm and re-test your ground tps voltage and see if the reading drops. if not, try to unplug the horn relay in the junction box and check if the tps ground will go down. If it does, it means the horn circuit is sending voltage (shorted) tps ground via the clockspring located under the steering wheel.

ATS Tip:
For more details, get a wiring diagram from ATS.


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