Monday, October 23, 2006

Dash panel lights are coming on and off while driving for 2000 Grand Voyager: No codes


My dash panel is driving me crazy because it would come on and off while I am driving. Also, the windshield wipers will not shut down when I used them and my power doors are acting funny by not unlocking. Finally, the blower heated motor will only work in high speed. Is this a body control module (bcm) problem?

ATS Advisor:

Yes you are correct, the bcm is going and you can check that by resetting it first by disconnecting your battery negative terminal for a few minutes and reconnect. then see if the symptoms return to confirm. If it does, check all the ground wires of the bcm as per wiring diagrams that I will send you. If no shorted wire is found, replace the bcm from the dealer. They will usually re-program it for you based on your vehicle's serial number.

ATS Tips:

Please read all previous postings on this blog about bcm.
The mileage of your dash panel is stored in your bcm which should be installed when the new one is programmed.
The blower motor needs a new resistor so it will work on all speeds.


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