Thursday, October 19, 2006

Engine no start with check engine light for 2002 GM Silverado with 5.3L engine


This truck will not start despite the fact that it has spark and injector signal. I also replaced the maf sensor and the engine compression reading for all cylinders are normal. When I scanned for codes, there are numerous codes that lead me to think that I have a computer problem.

ATS Advisor:

When you get numerous codes stored in your computer and there is spark and injector signal at the same time, this is an indication of a defective computer. However, you can actually test it by tapping the computer and wiggling the computer wiring harness to see if it would start. Remember also to drop the exhaust manifold in case the exhaust converter is plugged inside. Finally, you can check the ground and reference voltage wires of the computer terminals to see if they are within limits. If all of these fail to start the engine, replace the computer.

ATS Tip:

Before replacing the computer, contact ATS in case there is a service bulletin involved regarding the computer failure which might be under recall or warranty.


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