Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Start problem for 2000 Ford WindStar with 3.8L engine: No Codes


My minivan quit on me yesterday and I did a quick tune up changing the spark plugs and wires including air and fuel filters and it would not start. I checked for the injector signals and they were blinking OK. My fuel pressure when tested was within limits (30-45 psi) but when I checked for spark, there is none. So I replaced the ignition module but still it won't start. My only choice left is either the ignition coil or the engine computer. How do I check it?

ATS Adviser:

You can check the ignition coil (called coil pack) by 2 methods. First, measure the resistance between the pcm terminal ignition pins 26, 52 and 78 against the coil pack pins CD-1, CD-2 and CD-3. You should get 5 ohms or less. Second, measure the resistance between ignition coil towers and you should get between 10,000-14,500 ohms. If your reading is not within this range, replace the ignition coil. The PCM is tested by measuring the ground and reference voltages as shown earlier in other blogs.

ATS Tip:

When testing the ignition coil, disconnect the inertial switch to disable the fuel pump. If you need a wiring diagram to guide you, please contact ATS.


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