Monday, October 16, 2006

P0121 and P0112 codes for 1999 Chrysler Sebring with 2.5L engine


My car is running rough and stalls at stop lights. When I scanned for codes, I got P0121-Throttle/Pedal position sensor A circuit range/performance and P0112-Intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit low (bank 1). I checked for vacuum leak as per ATS lessons but I could not find any. Where do I start?

ATS Advisor:

Try fixing the first code first (P0121) and then reset it after you have done the repair. To check this code, measure the voltages of the TPS signal wire and if not within range, replace it. A lot of times, this sensor will fail because of its proximity with the egr valve which could be the source of the problem especially if stuck open. When it does, it will also trigger the second code. Test the egr valve by touching the egr tube if it is abnormally hot. If it is, then replace both egr valve and tps sensor.

ATS Tip:

If egr is stuck open, it will cause your air temperature to get higher.
Make sure the tps sensor ground wire does not exceed 0.250 volt.


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