Tuesday, October 17, 2006

P0121 TPS sensor code for 1997 Honda Accord with 2.2L engine


My vehicle is running fine but my check engine light would come on intermittently once in a while. When I scanned for codes, it was P0121 -TPS sensor "A" circuit range/performance. So I put a new sensor but the light came back after I road test the car and got the same code. Does this means I have to change the engine computer too?

ATS Adviser:

If the car is running OK, I would say your problem is probably the wiring to your TPS sensor. Since it is intermittent, what is probably happening is there is a shorted wire that would touch something while you are driving that would trigger this. To check, try probing all the wires to the tps sensor and while reading the voltage, try wiggling the wires and see if there is a change in the reading (do this with key on). If the reading changes, then you found your culprit wire.

ATS Tip:

You need a wiring diagram to do this so you can identify all the wiring colors of the tps sensor (please contact ATS).


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