Tuesday, October 24, 2006

P0340 camshaft sensor code for 1996 Ford Taurus with 3.8L engine


My car is hesitating and came with this code P0340 which is a camshaft sensor fault and my mechanic replaced it including the synchronizer that goes with the camshaft sensor. However, the check engine light stayed with the same code and the hesitation is still there. I am not sure if we did this job properly or we bought a defective sensor. Please advice.

ATS Advisor:

First of all, this code is not caused by defective camshaft sensor alone. It can be triggered by a fault in the egr system especially the DPFE sensor which emits electrical interference and interfere with the electrical signal resulting in this code. A quick way to check it is to remove the vacuum hose going to the egr valve port and take the vehicle for a road test. If hesitation stops, it is a definite sign that the DPFE sensor is defective (make sure to plug the vacuum hose during road test).

ATS Tip:

Please read previous blog post about Ford dpfe sensor so you can locate it. You can search this blog by typing "dpfe sensor" on the top left search bar and click "search this blog".


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