Sunday, November 05, 2006

1993 Cavalier 2.2L stalls at stop lights but will re-start in 15 minutes: No codes


My daughters car is stalling at stop lights and if she waited for 15 minutes, it
would start again. I changed the spark plugs and fuel filter and the stalling
still happens. I scanned for codes and there is none. How do I fix this?

ATS Adviser:

If you have to wait for 15 minutes before it starts, always check for spark at your plugs. If none, the problem is usually your ignition parts. Crank sensor would be the first choice even if it tested OK. You can check that by hooking a test light from your battery positive and tap the purple white wire at your ignition module connection (do this with key off). If the injectors start clicking when you touch the injectors, the crank sensor is defective and the module is OK. Otherwise, replace both module and the ignition coil.

ATS Tips:

If no starts occurs after warmed up but re-starts right away and dies again after you put it in gear, the tcc sensor is defective. you can unplug it from the side of your trany and road test again. If symptoms stop, then it is definitely a tcc sensor problem.You can leave it unplugged but you might loose some fuel mileage.

ATS can supply you the ignition wiring diagram so you can trace all the wires and location of the ignition parts.


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