Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2000 Grand Prix with 3.8L engine intermittently quits after driving for 5 miles: No codes


This car quits after being driven for 5 miles. It starts right away when re-started but I am puzzled because there is no code when scanned. I cannot check the spark or fuel signal because this happens quickly and there is no changed even after I changed the ignition module. Please help.

ATS Adviser:

Most of the symptoms you gave points to a defective crank sensor. It is located behind the front crank pulley which must be removed to access the crank sensor. Before doing it, make sure all the wiring connections to the sensor is not shorted. After replacement, reset the code and take it for a road test to confirm the fix.

ATS tip:

If after the sensor is replaced and problem re-occur, you need to check the ecm (computer) wiring terminal integrity of the ground and reference voltage signals so we can check that too.


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