Monday, November 06, 2006

Code 35 erratic engine idle for 1993 Pontiac Grand Am with 2.3L engine


My wife's Grand Am has a rough idle and it has code 35 when scanned. As per ATS info, most of this problem is solved by fixing a vacuum leaks.Is there a quick way to do this?

ATS Adviser:

Most vacuum leak can be found by runnning the engine at idle and using a propane bottle (use for soldering cooper tubings), by feeding raw propane gas on all vacuum lines and intake manifold gaskets. If you hit the vacuum leak, the engine rpm will usually change indicating a vacuum leak. Some mechanics use carburator cleaner spray can in place of the propane but can pose a fire hazard when sprayed on exhaust. To be safe, you can also spray mist of water from a spray bottle for the same effect. On most 1994 Grand Am 4 cylinder engines, the engine leak can be found on the corner of the intake manifold.

ATS Tip:

After finding and repairing the vacuum leak, reset the code to confirm the fix.


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