Monday, November 13, 2006

Code 44 on 94 GM Safari with 4.3L VORTEC engine


The last few days, I am getting poor acceleration on this engine. When I scanned the codes, I got code 44 -lean exhaust. I have done a quick tune up consisting of spark plugs and wires including the fuel filter. I also changed the oxygen sensor and all of these did not seem to help. It used to bog down once a week and now it is doing it every other day. What do I do? (Note: I also tested the fuel pressure and it was 56 psi at idle).

ATS Adviser:

The give away for the fix of this problem is the fuel pressure. Any vortex engine, the fuel pressure reading is critical. It should not go down below 60 psi or you will have this symptom. Your reading is low and you need to replace the spider injector located under your engine plenum. About 90% of the time, replacing the injector (see picture) will fix this problem. If not, check the magnet of your distributor shaft.

ATS Tip:

ATS can supply you the step by step procedure in replacing the centralized spider injector if you are a member.


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