Friday, December 01, 2006

Boosting your battery cables can be deadly...shuts down whole systems: No Codes

This is just a reminder for everybody during this cold weather

When boosting your vehicle battery, remember these:

Connect cables colored RED to RED or red cable to red post at battery (positive)
Connect cables colored black to black or black cable to black post at battery (negative)

Always connect the positive cable first and negative cable last

Always disconnect the black cable first and red cable last.

Shown in the picture is a 2005 Altima with a blown cable terminal fuse after the cables were connected wrong. Problem? Fuse comes integral with the positive cable. now you have to buy the positive cable assembly. What a waste of time and money! Finally, here is another drawback in this Altima...the whole engine shuts down and cannot be re-started until you changed the fuse/positive battery cable (available ONLY from the dealer of course).


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