Sunday, December 31, 2006

No HEAT in truck cab for 2000 Durango: No Codes


I have driven this 2000 Dodge Durango truck since new and starting last week, my passenger side carpet under the dash is wet with coolant fluid. When I drove the truck, a foggy smoke came out of the dash vents. Reading your ATS course, I suspect my heater core is toast and needs replacement. Is this a job I can do?

ATS Advisor:

I believe this truck has an AC and if you do, the heater core is embeded inside the evaporator housing which is located in the front passenger side under the dash. To remove, the evaporator housing must be drained first of freon and then you can remove the housing. Attached is an example of the truck cab showing the passenger side. Make sure to mark and label all the parts that you remove and always compare the heater core housing that you will buy.

Once installed, you can put back the freon that you remove or have a garage evacuate the AC systen for you to prevent introduction of moisture to your AC. If you ca do this, you should be able to save money in the replacement of your heater.


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