Saturday, December 30, 2006

No Start on 2000 Dodge Intrepid with 2.7L engine: No codes

ATS Question:

My wife's car suddenly quit on her while she stopped for groceries. She had it towed to our garage so I can check it. I found the engine with no spark but I could not test the injectors because there is no room for it. Electronically, I tested the asd relay and the ignition coil and both seemed to have good power and ground. I am now at a loss on how to proceed to check the problem. Do you have any suggestion?

ATS Advisor:

You are very lucky because this problem is very common on 1999-2000 models. All you do is unplug the camshaft sensor and try starting again. You might have to be patient because it requires long cranking but it should start. When it does, observe these: if it starts without making a noise in the engine, the culprit is usually the camshaft sensor. If it starts but making a lot of engine noise, the timing chain is usually the problem which requires the opening of the front timing cover.


To get the exact location of all the above components, contact ATS if you are a member.


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