Sunday, January 07, 2007

After market water pump for 2003 Honda Civic has to be changed twice in the last 3 months: No codes


Why would my water pump started to leak 2 weeks after I replaced it and AGAIN after almost 3 months? I bought this water pump from a local parts store and I also flushed the cooling system to make sure the coolant circulating is clean (engine has over 100k miles). Do I need to use a special coolant for this vehicle? Your insights would be highly appreciated.

ATS Advisor,

First of all, stay away from after market parts when dealing with imported vehicle like Honda. You can buy an OEM (original) part from the dealer and you can avoid all this head aches. when replacing the coolant, use the one recommended by the dealer and mix it 50-50 with water. If you need more assistance, just contact ATS.


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