Thursday, January 18, 2007

Code 32 on 1990 Corsica with 3.1L engine


This 1990 Chevy Corsica has a code 32-egr system fault after I scanned it with OBD1 scanner. When I checked the egr system, I found that I have an egr electric solenoid instead of an egr valve. How do I proceed to test it?

ATS Advisor:

To check the egr solenoid is quite simple. start and run your engine at idle and put a jumper wire on each of solenoid 3 wires. When you do this, each solenoid will be activated causing it to open up and should cause your idle rpm to change. If all 3 solenoids do not make any changes, stop the engine and remove the egr solenoid. When removed, check first for the opening where the solenoid was mounted. If the hole is clear of carbon, replaced the solenoid, otherwise clean the egr passage hole.

ATS can supply you the wiring colors of each egr solenoid wire.


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