Thursday, March 22, 2007

No spark and no fuel on 1991 Mitsubishi with 4 cylinder engine: NO CODES


My sister's car quit yesterday and when I checked it, there was no spark on the plug wires and no fuel going to the throttle body. There was no code when I scanned it but the distributor has the power going to it. I replaced the distributor with a rebuilt one but the same thing happened: no start!!! This is getting very frustrating and I need your help. Thanks.

ATS Adviser:

Based on your symptons, I would check the power and ground supplies going to the ecm (computer). First of all the ecm grounds your distributor in order to work and most likely, that is the culprit however, check your ground and power supplies first as laid out in ATS courseware. If you need the ecm diagram, just let me know.


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