Thursday, April 13, 2006

Infinity vehicles 1990-95 obd1 codes retrieval

Being the top end product of Nissan, Infinity check engine light codes can be accessed by checking the led light (red color) indicator in the computer box. This computer is usually located in the passenger side kick panel. To access the codes, simply put the computer box in test mode 2 by turning the diagnostic mode selector in the computer box fully clockwise. Wait 2 seconds and turn it fully counter clockwise. If you do this with key on, engine off, the led light in the computer box will start to flash.

Reading the codes should be easy where the long flashes indicate the first digit and then short flashes indicate the second digit. Example: code 32 is 3 long flashes followed by 2 short flashes. There is a pause of 0.9 second between flashes and 2.1 seconds between codes. Make sure to turn back the setting to fully counter clockwise after the test (mode 1). Also, do not turn this screw while engine is running.

Here are some popular malfunction codes for Infinity vehicles 1990-1995:

Code 11 Crankshaft position sensor fault
Code 12 Mass air flow sensor fault
Code 13 Engine coolant temperature sensor
Code 14 Vehicle speed sensor
Code 16 Traction control system
Code 21 Ignition signal circuit
Code 31 ECM fault
Code 32 EGR fault
Code 33 Oxygen sensor fault (left)
Code 34 Knock sensor
Code 35 EGR temperature sensor
Code 43 Throttle position sensor
Code 45 Injector leak
Code 46 Secondary throttle position sensor
Code 51 Injector circuit
Code 53 Oxygen sensor fault (right)
Code 55 No malfunction


To clear the codes, disconnect battery negative terminal for 1 minute or turn the diagnostic selector to mode 1 from mode 2 by turning the screw fully counter clockwise.


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