Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mitsubishi vehicles 1984-1994 obd1 codes retrieval

Getting the check engine light codes for Mitsubishi vehicles requires using an analog voltmeter (this voltmeter has needle to read the voltage). To read the code, shut engine off and connect the voltmeter leads to the diagnostic output connector located under the dash panel in the driver’s side by the kick panel.

The diagnostic output connector has 12 terminal pins but connect the positive lead of the voltmeter to the top right corner terminal called MPI diagnosis (pin 1) and the negative lead of the voltmeter to the lower left corner terminal called ground terminal (pin 12). Once connected, turn the key on without starting and watch the dash panel flash the codes. To read the codes, use this guide:

Code 12 is one long sweep of the needle followed by 2 short sweeps. If there are more codes, there is a 2 seconds pause between codes. Most models before 1988 use a single digit codes but after that, it is mostly a 2 digit codes. To clear the codes after removing the voltmeter, remove the battery negative terminal for 15 seconds.

Here are some common Mitsubishi vehicle codes for 1989-94 models:

Code 11 Oxygen sensor fault
Code 12 Air flow sensor fault
Code 13 Intake temperature sensor
Code 14 Throttle positioner sensor fault
Code 15 SC Motor position sensor fault
Code 21 Engine coolant temperature sensor
Code 22 Crank angle sensor fault
Code 23 No.1 cylinder TDC sensor fault
Code 24 Vehicle speed sensor
Code 25 Barometric pressure sensor
Code 31 Knock sensor fault
Code 32 Manifold pressure sensor
Code 36 Ignition timing adjustment signal
Code 39 Oxygen sensor fault
Code 41 Injector fault
Code 42 Fuel pump fault
Code 43 EGR fault
Code 44 Ignition coil on 3.0L engines (1 and 2 cylinders)
Code 52 Ignition coil on 3.0L engines (2 and 5 cylinders)
Code 53 Ignition coil on 3.0L engines (3 and 6 cylinders)
Code 55 AV valve position sensor
Code 59 Heated oxygen sensor
Code 61 Transaxle control unit cable for automatic trany
Code 62 Warm-up control valve position sensor


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