Saturday, April 22, 2006

Subaru vehicles 1987-94 obd1 codes retrieval

Subaru code retrieval is done by accessing two things: diagnostic connectors located near the kick panel by the driver side and watching the codes being flashed by a lens light at the computer box located under the dash by the driver side.

There are 2 ways to get the codes: using the read memory mode which will give codes that have shown in the past but has not shown at present. This is done by connecting the read memory connector and disconnecting the test mode connector with ignition key on, engine off. To get the codes actively present, you need to access the D-check mode by disconnecting the read memory connector and connecting the test mode connector, also with ignition key on, engine off.

To clear the codes, both read memory and test mode connectors must be connected and with engine running. Make sure all codes showing at D-check mode is fixed or the codes will not clear.

Here are some popular Subaru obd1 codes 1987-94:

Code 11 Crank angle sensor fault
Code 12 Starter switch fault
Code 13 TDC sensor fault
Code 14 Injector no.1 fault
Code 15 Injector no.2 fault
Code 16 Injector no.3 fault
Code 21 Coolant temperature sensor fault
Code 23 Pressure sensor fault
Code 24 ISC solenoid valve fault
Code 26 Air temperature sensor fault
Code 32 Oxygen sensor fault
Code 33 Vehicle speed sensor fault
Code 35 Purge control solenoid fault
Code 36 Ignition circuit fault
Code 41 Air/fuel ratio control system fault
Code 42 Idle switch fault
Code 43 Throttle switch fault
Code 45 Atmospheric pressure sensor fault
Code 52 Clutch switch circuit fault
Code 62 Electric load signal fault
Code 63 Blower fan switch fault
Code 65 Vacuum pressure sensor fault


To read the codes being flashed by the lens light, use this example: code 24 is 2 long flashes followed by 4 short flashes. A 2 seconds pause separates any additional codes.

Always check your service manual if you have any problem accessing and fixing the codes or contact


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