Monday, April 17, 2006

Tip #8 Testing mass sensor codes

Mass sensor is one of the common sensors used to monitor air volume going to your engine. Almost all engines have this sensor if map sensor is not used. It is located normally inside the air ducting just before the air filter. When it fails which happens all the time, you will get these symptoms:

Cutting Out
Check engine light showing in your dash but it might not show sometimes.

Most mass sensor is expensive and sometimes cost over $200 and it would be foolish just to replace it without testing. All you do is take it apart until the wire element is exposed and clean it with brake spray (never use carb spray which will damage the sensor) and cotton swab. Also, make sure not to touch the wire element with your fingers which are very delicate. Once assembled, take the vehicle for a spin and if the symptom disappears, it shows the mass sensor is defective. You can then replace the sensor with confidence later if the symptoms return.

Shown below is an example of mass sensor:


1.) To avoid removing the wrong part, please contact so proper wire colors of the mass sensor including its location can be shown to you.

2.) Make sure to reset or clear the codes after servicing the mass sensor.

3.) Always replace the air filter if the mass sensor is defective.


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