Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tip #9 Quick fix for transaxle converter clutch (tcc) codes for GM cars

This is for GM car owners: do you have frequent stalling at stops signs especially after exiting at a freeway? After stalling, it starts right away but stalls again when you put the trany in drive. When you have these symptoms, chances are your tcc circuit might be defective causing your torque converter to be lock up. When this happens, your trany is stuck in high gear and instead of shifting down at stops, the high gear is still engaged causing it to stall. (Imagine approaching an intersection and you are still in 4th or 5th gear instead of 1st).

What do you do if you suspect the tcc circuit is bad? For GM cars, mechanics routinely disconnect the tcc plug-in at the trany and if the symptom stops, the tcc solenoid is usually the culprit. Remember: tcc sensor code may or may not show up in your dash when this happens.


The solenoid can be replaced by buying a solenoid kit from any trany shop usually for under $30 which is cheap when you compare how much trany garage charges. The solenoid itself is replaced when the valve body cover is removed. On most GM cars, this job can be done without removing the trany. Make sure to reset the computer after replacing the tcc solenoid or ask if you need assistance like identifying the tcc wires or location.


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